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  • 10 Benefits All New Covenant Members Enjoy

    Theology - January 18, 2021

    The following is a short excerpt from a sermon on Isaiah 54:10 preached by 17th Century Baptist, Benjamin Keach (1640-1704). In this sermon he lays out the benefits of the New Covenant to all its members. Here are ten such benefits. All words below are from Mr. Keach:

    1. Therefore, in this Covenant, we do not only receive Light, but the Fullness of Light.
    2. Not only Life, but the Fullness of Life, because Christ is our Life whom we receive in this Covenant.
    3. Not only Strength, but the Fullness of Strength; The Lord is the Strength of my heart, and my Portion forever.
    4. Not only Pardon of Sin, but Fullness of Pardon; or, the Fullest Pardon, complete Pardon.
    5. Not only Righteousness, but the Fullness of Righteousness; perfect and complete Righteousness, and you are complete in him.
    6. Not only Peace, but the Fullness of Peace; Peace that passes all understanding.
    7. Not only Beauty, but the Fullness of Beauty; for it was perfect, * thro’ my Comeliness which I put upon thee, saith the Lord God.
    8. Not only knowledge, but the Fullness of knowledge; And ye also are Full of all goodness, filled with all knowledge, &c. The parts may be weak, yet where Christ dwells or hath taken possession of the heart, there the Soul hath a Fullness of Spiritual knowledge: Our Vessels may be full though’ but small.
    9. And Not only Joy, but the Fullness of Joy; These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full. Again, he saith, Ask and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full; ’tis called, unspeakable joy, and full of Glory.
    10. Lastly, And not only Glory, but the Fullness of Glory; for the Fullness of the Glory of Heaven is contained in this Covenant, or the perfect and full enjoyment of God, even the Beatifical Vision

    The corporation shall not discriminate against applicants, employees, students, volunteers, and others on the basis of race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin; however, as a religious institution, the corporation reserves the right to deny or terminate employment or to deny or  terminate any other status of persons whose lifestyle, words, actions or otherwise do not align with the corporation’s Statement of Faith, standard of conduct, or other policies of this organization.