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    A Bible Reading Plan

    by Ryan Bush For Christians, reading the Bible is like a plate of meat and potatoes after a day without food. It’s like a big mason jar of water and ice after push-mowing the lawn in July. It’s gulping down air after your brother has held you under the creek water longer than he should […]

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    Free Grace Friday: The Absurdity of Unbelief

    Free Grace Friday is a weekly post sharing updates and book excerpts from Free Grace Press. Each Friday we will be posting news about FGP books, featuring excerpts, and most exciting for you, telling you how you can get access to great sales on biblically solid, Christ honoring resources from FGP. Our featured book this […]

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    The Glory of the Rural Church

    by Eddie Ragsdale Nestled in a small valley along the Little Red River in the foothills region of the Ozark mountains in Arkansas sits a minuscule municipality named Shirley. This is where I grew up and where my family and I reside today (although, not in the “city” limits). I believe that by anyone’s definition […]

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    Look and Live! Why I Interpret John 3:16 as an Invitation

    by Bob Gonzales Some may not think I’m a Calvinist when it comes to John 3:16. Actually, I’m a John Calvinist when I interpret this verse (double entendre intended). I don’t think the verse (and its larger context) is simply designed to teach people biblical doctrines or facts. It has a larger aim. Namely, God […]

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    The Abrasive Gospel

    by Brandon Scalf Editors Note: The following is an adapted excerpt from an upcoming book by Brandon, The Abrasive Gospel. The Problem The Gospel of Jesus Christ is being trampled violently underfoot in too many pulpits all across America. It is being spat on in Christian or “biblical” counseling sessions and mocked by contemporary worship […]

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    7 Reasons Why People Reject the Gospel

    by John Bunyan (1628-1688) Today’s post is taken from our friend, John Bunyan. In his work, Justification by an Imputed Righteousness, he gives seven reasons why people reject the gospel of Jesus Christ. You will notice he begins with six reasons and then like a good Baptist preacher adds another point at the end. May […]

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