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    Easier for a Camel Review

    Easier for a Camel: Andrew Fuller’s View of Man’s Absolute Dependence on Grace. Tom Nettles. Conway, AR: Free Grace Press, 2019. By Jordan A. Senécal The last few decades have seen an increased interest in the “indefatigable and fearless” Andrew Fuller (p. 16), a “key thinker among the Particular Baptists of England” (p. 41). As […]

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    Shepherding the Shepherds: Applying the Gospel to the whole flock of God.

    By Jason Gunter Right now, on Amazon, there are more than 90,000 books in stock, with “leadership” in the title. And that’s just including works written in the English language. One or both of the following is true, people love to read about leadership, or people love to write about leadership. Finding a worthwhile read […]

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    Making the Gospel Known: Ichabod Spencer

    by Dustin Benge Editor’s Note: This post was originally published at dustinbenge.com in January of 201and is used by permission. As Christians, we have a biblical responsibility to make the gospel known. Christ’s command to his disciples, “Go ye…and make disciples…” (Mt 28:19) was not exclusively for the crowd to whom Jesus was then speaking, […]

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    Revival Hindered and Promoted

    by Allen S. Nelson IV William Buell Sprague’s 1832 book* Lectures on Revivals of Religion seeks to both promote the cause of genuine revival in churches and to guard against “a spurious excitement” (p. xiii). When understood rightly, true revival of religion is a great blessing to the church and advances the cause of Christ […]

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    Book Review: Famine in the Land

    by Billy Crow One of the best things a pastor can do is to be growing himself.  In my own life, reading has been a great avenue for this.  Of the authors I have read, one of my personal favorites is Steve Lawson. Dr. Steven J. Lawson has served in pastoral ministry for 34 years […]

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    Make Prayer Meetings Great Again!

    by Dewey Dovel “What is the greatest need for the church in 2020?” This thought-provoking question will undoubtedly elicit many noble and Biblically accurate responses from the average seminary student. Indeed, presenting such an inquiry before a room full of men training to be pastors, missionaries or teachers within Christian academia would surely generate a […]

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