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    Serious Training. Serious Students. Serious Calling.

    As a church-based seminary, we want to contribute to the Great Commission of Christ's church through missions. We view pastoral education as a missional endeavor, both locally and globally. We seek to contribute to the mission of the church in two ways:

    (1) First, we actively train men for church planting and missionary service through our programs at GBTS.

    (2) Second, we seek to partner with and assist in growth and development where the gospel is taking root internationally.

    We view the missions task as focusing on the proclamation of the gospel but also the formation of healthy churches. In the Pastoral Epistles, we see the command for pastors and elders to be raised up and established in local churches. Serving as an example to us, Calvin's Geneva Academy was established primarily out of a demand for pastors to fills preaching posts at newly established churches in Switzerland and beyond.

    GBTS Faculty Abroad


    Taylor Walls

    Director of International Studies

    Missions Partnerships


    Toward this end we have partnered with churches in Ecuador and Cuba to support and assist the growing need for pastoral education throughout Ecuador and Latin America. We are working together to provide a doctrinally thorough education to men who the Lord seems to be calling into pastoral ministry as well as pastors who are requesting training in sound doctrine. Furthermore, the U.S has more educated ministers than we have pulpits while the developing church is in great need. From a strategic perspective it is key to have someone with theological education with boots on the ground. This is why we have sent one of our first graduates, Taylor Walls, as a missionary to serve in pastoral education as a residential instructor. Our partnership focuses on three initiatives.

    Escuela Pastoral (Pastors school)
    The Pastors School is a ministry of Sovereign Grace Church of Santo Domingo and is a pastoral education residency program in which students are supported to live, study and intern at the church full time. The goal of this program is to equip men with both sound doctrine and experience before being sent out as church planters.


    Confessional Baptist Seminary of Ecuador
    We assist in curriculum design, academic development, and teaching which builds upon their diploma program in Reformed Baptist Theology in partnership with Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary. The goal of CBSE is to provide a comprehensive pastoral education for students who show desire and aptitude after completing their previous studies.

    Legacy Baptist Press
    There is a great need for sound theological literature to be produced and translated into Spanish. For this purpose we have partnered with Legacy Baptist press to curate, translate and produce books for both the pastoral training endeavors as well as general doctrinal instruction for local churches.


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