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    The Nature and Purpose of Trials

    By Lauren Dyck The Reality of Trials In introducing his first epistle, the Apostle Peter addresses a persecuted church, dispersed abroad. They were discouraged and probably confused at the persecution they were facing because of their faith. Peter opens his epistle by encouraging them to remain strong and reminds them to look to Christ, the […]

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    The Baptist Confession on Human Freedom

    by Robert Gonzales Jr. The doctrine of the human will is one of the most important and most debated doctrines in church history. Augustine debated Pelagius over this doctrine. Luther debated Erasmus. Calvinists debated Arminians. According to Greg Nichols, “Freewill is the pivot of all anthropology. Error at this point is fatal.”[1] And not only […]

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    Making the Gospel Known: Ichabod Spencer

    by Dustin Benge Editor’s Note: This post was originally published at dustinbenge.com in January of 201and is used by permission. As Christians, we have a biblical responsibility to make the gospel known. Christ’s command to his disciples, “Go ye…and make disciples…” (Mt 28:19) was not exclusively for the crowd to whom Jesus was then speaking, […]

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    Make Prayer Meetings Great Again!

    by Dewey Dovel “What is the greatest need for the church in 2020?” This thought-provoking question will undoubtedly elicit many noble and Biblically accurate responses from the average seminary student. Indeed, presenting such an inquiry before a room full of men training to be pastors, missionaries or teachers within Christian academia would surely generate a […]

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    John Owen on Sin and Perseverance

    Today’s post comes from John Owen (1616-1683) and deals with the provision of grace against sin in believers. Though Owen is harder to read than some, consider his words today from his exposition on Psalm 130 (free here). In this excerpt, Owen discusses how true believers will never ultimately fall away from Christ, but must […]

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    Not Quarantined, but Isolated

    by Barry Wolfer In the middle of March, 2020, California ordered its residents to stay at home and isolate to avoid the rapid spreading of Covid-19. Soon, other states joined the self-enforced quarantine movement. Within a matter of weeks, most of America’s residents had been told by their state government to stay at home and […]

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