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  • Release of Pro Pastor 2.2 – The Sufficiency of Scripture

    News - October 24, 2023

    Today we are launching the latest issue of Pro Pastor: A Journal of Grace Bible Theological Seminary! The Fall 2023 edition of Pro Pastor (Vol. 2, No. 2) features the doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture applied to all major theological disciplines. Joining our GBTS faculty for this issue are two esteemed contributors, New Testament specialist Ardel Caneday of UNW-St. Paul, and biblical counseling guru Wayne Mack of ACBC, Africa.

    Pro Pastor 2.2 features the following articles:

    • “The Sufficiency of Scripture in New Testament Studies” – Ardel B. Caneday
    • “The Sufficiency of Scripture in Old Testament Studies” – Preston B. Kelso
    • “The Sufficiency of Scripture in Systematic Theology” – Owen Strachan
    • “The Sufficiency of Scripture in Apologetics” – James R. White
    • “The Sufficiency of Scripture in Preaching” – Rob Davis
    • “The Sufficiency of Scripture in Counseling” – Wayne A. Mack

    You can access a free electronic copy of Pro Pastor 2.2 by clicking here. Please pass this link along to those who might benefit from its contents: https://gbtseminary.org/gbts-journal/. It is our hope that the Lord might use this issue of our journal to increase pastors’ and laypeople’s confidence in the God-breathed Scriptures.

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